Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another life...................................

Friday, April 28, 2006

I don't have Pink Flamingos in my yard, Pat has no taste and says they are tacky. So, have to settle for a pink crab!
I decided today to sell the Concours. 1999 with 20,600 miles. Kelly Blue Book Average Retail
is $4160. This is above average in all respects. Will sell for $4000. Will deliver anywhere for expenses. Write me if you want any info.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This has nothing to do with Barney, but I think it's a cool picture, so put in in here anyway. I tripped over this nice round rock in Jack Foree's parking lot when I was on the way to AZ Bike week. It was such a nice rock I brought it home for our lawn. I collect them from all over and put them around the yard. Now, on to the Barney, people, and food pictures! Don't forget you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger. Just use the back arrow to return to the blog.
Kokopelli is feeling neglected, so I thought I'd take a shot of him patiently waiting to go for a ride again. He's still the "Big Boy" in the stable, but his spirited little brother is getting all the attention now for awhile.
This was taken on 4/18/06. They first day of dry pavement since I've had Barney home, and the day of my first ride. It was a real "rush" to get those hundred plus Horse Power moving in the corners! This is Sandy Creek covered bridge, near Remote, Oregon. There is a winery just across the creek from here.
This was our meeting place for lunch. Tomaselli's is a wonderful place to eat. The menu is whimsical and entertaining, the sellections are mostly named for fishing and logging terms used in the local area. Their breakfasts are "to die for". and, they probably would kill you if you ate there every day! On Friday nights, they don't offer a menu. You eat the special, and you better have reservations, or you probably won't get in. They have an excellent bakery too. This is in the small town of Elkton, about 60 miles NE of Coos Bay, on Hwy 42. From anywhere, it's worth the ride to eat at Tomaselli's!
SAG on his Classic, and Chuck on his Valk. They are just rolling in. And...........only 20 minutes late! About par for VROC
What a surprise! I pulled in, and was waiting for the guys when I heard a little voice: "Hi, Grandpa". My daugher and the two boys were on their way from Bend in Central Oregon, about 260 miles away, to visit us, and had stopped here for lunch! Small world. The boys wanted their pictures taken on the bike. This is Nathan, he's 8 years old.
This is a Tomasilli Knee High Burger! Loaded with 10 oz. of ground sirloin, nice thick bacon, melted Jack cheese, tons of mushrooms, and the trimmings. Came with a nice salad too. And....It's all health food! :-)
This is SAG (Steve Gunn) He's a fellow VROC'er. And, he seems happy with his burger. Note the Jack Foree T-Shirt!
Chuck with is Pulled Pork Paninni Sandwich. Chuck is the one that sold me Barney. He is riding a very nice 1998 Valkryie now, and wants to sell it and buy a Gold Wing. If anyone is looking for a Valk, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Chuck.
These are wild Elk on Hwy 42. This is a preserve, but they are free to come and go to the woods as they please. Sometimes you see a herd like this of almost all bulls, but didn't see many horns today. These are farily small ones too. My little camera doesn't have much zoom, but it gives you an idea.
I think it looks pretty clean without the bags on. But....they sure are handy. There is a lot of storage in the tank bag, and I have yet another section that goes on top of this one. Doubt if I'll ever use it.This picture is on Hwy 42, one of the few straight places, along the Umpqua River. The Elk are on the other side, the bushes you see are on the river bank.
Barney, loaded on the flatbed, ready to go home. The "Barney" singing doll was a present from CC Rider, Rubbergator, and Gypsy Cat. The Ladies presented it to me at last night's PNWVROC dinner in Kent, Washington. Two Barneys in one day is just tooo much! ;-)
This was the first time I sat on the bike. Getting ready to load it on the trailer and head home. It's late evening, getting dark. In Eugene, OR, in front of Chuck's house, where I bought the bike. 4/13/06